About The Kelly Carter and Thomas Leffler Memorial Scholarship 5K Run

Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers of Tecumseh and Adrian are proud to announce The Kelly Carter & Thomas Leffler Memorial Run, taking place during The Fall Appleumpkin Festival. This event commemorates the lives of two influential physical therapists and supports the education of future professionals in the field.

Kelly Carter, a revered physical therapist in Lenawee County for a decade, was the founding director of Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers of Tecumseh, which opened in March 1993. His unwavering commitment to his career and patients earned him widespread respect. Tragically, he succumbed to ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in February 1998.

Understanding the value of quality education, Kelly established the Kelly Carter Scholarship Fund in 1995. Initially aimed at supporting Lenawee County students entering various ancillary medical fields, the focus has shifted to those pursuing physical rehabilitation. Since its inception, Carter Rehabilitation Centers have granted over 55 scholarships to local students, with funds raised through the annual Kelly Carter Scholarship Walk/Run.

Thomas Leffler, co-owner of Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers, expanded their private health care practice to Lenawee County with his brother "Doc" in March 1993. Thomas, a 1959 Ohio State University physical therapy graduate, dedicated over 60 years to providing health care services as a physical therapist and principal of R & F, Inc. He earned the respect of a supportive staff that shared his mission in health care. Thomas F. Leffler passed away at his home on August 1, 2019.

The Kelly Carter & Thomas Leffler Memorial Run honors these two passionate professionals and supports the education of future physical therapists, providing a lasting legacy for their dedication to the field.