Frank Putman

Frank was originally introduced to Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers after neck surgery in 2010. Since then, he has returned to Carter after several surgeries, each time returning back to normal, doing everything he did before. Being a lifelong athlete, Frank’s advice for all athletes is to have a good family doctor, orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, and a good gym.


Due to a terrible accident, Kyle sustained multiple injuries to her lower body, including losing her lower left leg, and a right tibia, fibula fracture. Her journey to recovery has been lengthy and difficult, but because of a team of medical professionals and the team at Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers she is well on her way to regain her mobility. Kyle also likes the friendly, comforting staff at Carter, "Every time I come in. I’m welcomed. I’m cheerleaded. I feel great." Thank you, Kyle, for sharing your story.

Kyle Seegert

Kyle was referred to Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers after ACL reconstruction surgery. Kyle has received treatment at other physical therapy clinics in the past. To him, the noticeable difference between Carter and other clinics is the warm water therapeutic pool, and how thorough the clinicians are in explaining his treatment and being there every step of the way.

Joe Marcyan

After reverse shoulder replacement surgery, Joe received treatment at Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers. He is now able to swing his golf club, again, with no pain. Joe has been a patient at Carter in the past and continues to choose Carter because of the friendly, knowledgeable staff.


In 2017 Felicia brought her kids to Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Center due to sensory issues. And was very pleased with how caring and genital the treating therapists were with her children. She then returned to Carter after developing carpal tunnel in her right hand and has since made a full recovery. Thank you, Felicia, for sharing your story.

Jennifer Kaser

Jennifer is a long-time patient at Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers. Her story began when she went to a nail salon where two of her nails were cut. The following day she went into septic shock and was admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately, because her body did not process the steroid treatment properly, she developed avascular necrosis. And since, has endured 7 joint replacements, and 16 avascular necrosis surgeries. This is her story.

Seth Davis

While playing football last season (2021) Seth tore his hamstring, causing pain and preventing him from playing at an optimum level. Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers offers a wide variety of equipment, tailored treatments, and expert therapists that are helping him regain full range of motion and power. Making sure he is ready for what comes his way this season.

Irene Bastian

Irene and her husband have been coming to Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers for some time. Irene especially appreciates the friendliness of the staff at Carter. And how caring they are of her husband who has developed dementia.

Mc Kenna DeVelbiss

On December 1st, 2020 Mc Kenna collapsed in her bathroom. Was transported to Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital in Jackson, MI, and admitted to the hospital. Shortly after, she was placed on a ventilator, and remained on it for 53 days. Mc Kenna was diagnosed with bilateral COVID pneumonia. After beating all odds, Mc Kenna returned home on March 24, 2021. 114 days after she was admitted. To continue her recovery, Mc Kenna’s in-home physical therapist recommended Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers. Her journey has been extremely long and difficult. But due to her strength, willpower, and never give up attitude; Mc Kenna is still beating the odds. This is her story.

If you would like to read more about Mc Kenna’s story; please CLICK HERE. Article written by David Panian, The Daily Telegram.


Bill found Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers after sustaining trauma due to a bicycle accident. Although Bill is still receiving treatment at Carter, he recently made a significant milestone, biking to his physical therapy treatment. Way to go Bill!

Ed Engle

Ed is a long time Community Fitness Member at Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers. He especially enjoys the workout program tailored to his age group. In November of 2021, Ed tested positive for COVID. He is appreciative of the fitness program and Carter for the general state of his health, which he believes helped him to overcome COVID as well as he did.

Tim Sauter

Tim found Carter Rehabilitation & Aquatic Centers in April of 2021 after back surgery. After his recovery, Tim has continued to come to the facility as a Community Fitness Member and uses the therapeutic warm water pool to help maintain his mobility. This is Tim's story.